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Apr 23, 2013 6:00am EDT
the table and conceivably getting some agreement. just very quickly because i know that apple has run. on north korea and the peninsula, i will just repeat again, president park has a new policy called trust politic, and she wants to reach out to the north. she can't do that in the middle of this kind of process. my hope would be that the chinese will come to the table in a way that they never have before. that we can work with the chinese to redefine what's in all of our interests, which is a kind of stability in the peninsula moving north to denuclearization, and ultimately hopefully and integration into the community of nations. based on economic reform, which china, the united states, others could become engaged in. and that could ultimately even open up the possibility of president parks outreach to be able to have an impact. absent china coming to that table, i believe kim jong-un calculates literally calculates that i can get away with anything if china isn't going to hold me accountable. and so that's where we are stuck mr. adam kinzinger. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank
Apr 24, 2013 7:30am EDT
, they're allowed second bite at the apple. so in this, you know, i don't mean to be flip about it, but this section could have been sub headed knowingly left mind. the goal seems to be to get as many -- get amnesty for as many people as physically possibly. >> okay, mr. kobach, i'm going quote a section of the bill and tell us with a you think it means. page 330 in the bill, quote, secretary exercised discretion to wave a ground of inadmirable if the second secondary determines it's against the public interest or result in hardship to aliens, united states citizens or permanent resident, parent, spouse, or child, end quote. >> thank you, senator grassley. that provision on page 330 of the bill, i think is a huge loophole. i don't think the dhs secretary should have the immense discretion. it's a massive increase we see over discretion. it expands current laws which allows waivers in cases of extreme hardship. the change of language can have huge consequences. we're just down to hardship. it expands the hardship to the alien's parent as well. that isn't part of current law. two pages be
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
was both affordable, make sure we try to control costs, and at the same time apple five the universe of what americans would be for the covered in the present or not. it creat e necessity for a copy of physicians encourage. and cutting this particular field, i understand the challenges and trade-offs, is just undermining the very essence of some of the goals that we have intended under the affordable care act. ho bth as we move forward in our deliberations. thank you, madam secretary,. >> madam secretary, i would like to just ask a bit more about the concept of one-stop shopping one resource center, one place for businesses to go to so that i have to deal with so many agencies with respect to the invitation of the affordable care act. does that make any sense to? >> senator, there will be a one stop shop with the shop exchange up and running in january 14. so business owners will be able to into the marketplace through a one stop area, get the information about what is available, have a choice of plans. is the business owner qualifies for the employer tax credit based on the number o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3